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This is a scrapper web page. Its thrown up to give a rough idea of what will be shown in our classes. The object is to have everyone leave with all they need to go bravely forth and ferment!


Kimchi Class 2016 Kefir Class 2016 Sauerkraut 101 ItsAllAboutTheGut
Kombucha Tea Party



Kefir Class 2016    
Focus will be on how to care and harvest both water and milk kefir. Secondary ferments involving fruit and juices including tasty probiotic popsicles even the most recalcitrant child will love. Kefir cheese will be the big ticket as very few people now drink milk but still love cheese. Remember, the lactose is eaten by the kefir and new probiotic compounds from the animal side of life are created (we are more animal than plant afterall). We will then show you how to go all the whey! Coconut water kefir, coconut milk kefir cheese, goat kefir cheese, and kefiring (verb) cerials, are all shown.  Milk kefir cultures will be gifted to each attendee. The ability to purchase water kefir colony starters, kombucha & jun mothers, various fermentation starter kits and sprouting seeds - everything you need to live in a bomb shelter forever!


water kefir milk kefir cheese mlk kefir deserts
water kefir milk kefir cheese milk kefir deserts  


Sauerkraut 101   
Basic fundamentals to safe vegetable fermentation will be demonstrated. Attendees may bring knives, cutting boards, collection bowl, and fermentation vessel. Fermentation kits will be available to purchase as well as reusable air lock systems for wide mouth mason jars. Cabbage cutting will be done, proper salt application shown, jar/crock stuffing, and anaerobic environmental tricks to making a great kraut!


Everyone got to put in their own bit of love into this kraut Showing how to stuff a jar Happy Father of a New Ferment!  


Its All About The Gut    
Hands-On Introduction to : KOMBUCHA, KEFIR, SPROUTS, AND FERMENTING VEGGIES. All will be shown in a magical performance of jiggling grains, scoby tossing, sprout flinging, and jar jumping. Everything you need to know will be shown and tasted. This is meant to be an experiential class so be prepared to have all your senses tantalized , especially your gut! Kombucha Mother SCOBY to all! 
Add extra life to your diet. Increase the quality of your life. Become Empowered –DIY….. Its Easy!
Christies AATG class
Christie is wheelchair bound and we gave a special class at her mobility-friendly home




Kimchi Class 2016    TBA...  Private kimchi parties are available

 Cabbage and seaweed will be prepared the evening before class by Daniel & Tennille. Attendees will be expected to help cut wilted cabbages, scrape ginger, husk garlic, and stuff jars. A few extra cutting boards and knives, plus a jar you can fill to take home if you chose not to purchase the reusable ferment kits available. It is a good idea to bring a "drop sheet". That is a sheet or thin blanket placed all over the working area floor that will catch all the escaping veggie chunks, drips of sauces, etc. This makes for an easy cleanup and prevents messes spreading throughout house. If someone has two very large matching stainless steel mixing bowls, please bring for helping husking garlic.

Various ferments and live cultured drinks will be served. Everyone will go home knowing the taste of, and secret to create, one of the mightiest ferments known to humans. The basic principal of lactic acid bacteria fermentation will be discussed in an informal, easy way so everyone can feel comfortable going home and fearlessly make their own.

NOTE #1. : This is not an "entry level" ferment. Its like learning to make Champaign befor making wine. It IS totally dooable and lots of fun though.

NOTE #2. : This is a B.Y.O.S.K. event (Bring Your Own Saki and Knife), BUT….. the drinking of saki will not be permitted until the knives and Ninja have done their job!






Kimchi Recipe

(Korean spicy fishy sour kraut -a magic marriage of my favorite strong flavours -Garlic, Ginger, Pepper, & Onion)

There are as many variations as there are Korean families. This is the closest recipe to "standard" as possible. Lots of wiggle room....

Ingredients (per cabbage):

1 Sui Choi /Nappa cabbage

2-4,green/white onion

1/4 Daikon radish (long white)

1 garlic head

1 ginger hand

Handful uniodized salt - I like using pink Himalayan

1Tbsp sugar (optional)

1/2 Cup dried chilli pepper

100 ml fish sauce

1/3 tsp salted shrimp

100 ml Kombu broth


Stage one:

Prepare Sui Choi cabbage and Kombu broth day before.

Sui Choi Cabbage: Quarter cabbage from centre up and wash removing all darker green leaves. Soak one day in brine made of a handful of salt and enough water to completely submerge the cabbage quarters. Approximately 2-3% brine solution is adequate. Placing a plate and weight can be used.

Kombu broth: place one piece of dry seaweed into a container of hot boiling water. Approximately 100 ml per cabbage.

Stage two: SAUCE

Chop/semi puree even amounts of garlic, onion, and ginger. A food processor will work nicely. Hand cut ginger cross grain to reduce long fibres. Add chilli flakes, sugar, fish sauce, kombu broth, shrimp paste (if vegan, simply use no fish sauce and shrimp fry)


There are two ways of mixing the sauce with the cabbage, and dicon radish. The sauce can be applied between leafs of the whole quarter cabbage then rolled up to ferment. I prefer to pre chop cabbage and radish into desired sizes, and layered with sauce into jars or crock squishing as much air out as possible. Be aware that in the lacto fermentation process initially will involve much bubbling gasses. This will start within a few days and achieve a climax usually within a week to ten days. There are so many variables that change this timeframe. Temperature is a big one. Any tightly sealed jar will turn into a grenade. The object is to have the vegies submerged in sauce with enough room in jar / crock for expansion. Also to have majority of gas production phase finished before filling sealed jars and refrigerating. Follow standard procedures of fermentation keeping all the veggie matter submerged in its own brine.




Kimchi Class Pics

Kimchi Class Vernon Debs Up in Vernon our Kimchi class was a huge success! The instigation of many future Kimchi Masters were germinated here in this forest cabin.
cutting was done! The knives were cleaned and put away, and as promised, the saki flowed!
sauce all done, veggies cut, time to mix! Sauce all done, veggies cut, time to mix!
releasing juices The kimchi is releasing juices and ready for jars!
Deb and her Kimchi Deb and her Kimchi